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Northern Ireland's' history post-partition has been marked with violence, a period known as The" Troubles, generally regarded as beginning in the late 1960s, which saw large scale confrontation between opposing paramilitary groups seeking to either keep Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom or bring it into Ireland 1 as well as with the security forces.
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Constructed in 1729, the Bank of Ireland in Dublin building was the original home of the Irish Parliament. Following the 1801 Act of Union that abolished the Irish Parliament and placed Ireland under the direct rule of London, the building was sold to the Bank of Ireland in 1803.
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Ireland has nine universities, seven in the Republic of Ireland and two in Northern Ireland, including Trinity College, Dublin and the University College Dublin, as well as numerous third-level colleges and institutes and a branch of the Open University, the Open University in Ireland.
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EU clearing house seeks to calm Brexit tensions over Northern Ireland. Maro efovi tells Dáil in Ireland he wants new committee to find solutions to trade problems. Published: 327: PM. EU clearing house seeks to calm Brexit tensions over Northern Ireland.
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235 Completed in 2008, the Elysian tower in Cork is the tallest storeyed building in the Republic of Ireland the Obel Tower in Belfast, Northern Ireland being the tallest in Ireland, at a height of 71 metres 233 feet, surpassing Cork County Hall.

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